Many people believe in a Heaven dominated by a paternalistic and authoritarian God.  Others reject the idea of this God, but feel still feel a yearning for a pleasant afterlife.  The Church of the Godless Heaven is for those who feel sure there must be such an afterlife, but cannot bring themselves to believe in God.

godlessheavenheaderWhat can we say of this Heaven?

  • Is Jesus in the Godless Heaven?  Yes, he was a man, and is not known to be evil.
  • Are people who have led a truly evil life in Heaven?  Probably not.  Instead of being run by a dictator, Heaven must be in some sense democratic, because that is what its inhabitants want and deserve.  Not everyone will enjoy heavenly bliss, only those admitted by the most trusted members of Heavenly Society, whom we might think of as archangels, but are not a  government, merely the most beloved of public servants.
  • Will we find our beloved pets waiting for us in Heaven?  Yes, of course, or it wouldn’t be Heaven.

If you are interested in the Church of the Godless Heaven, the first step is to make a comment on this page.  People who know in their hearts that they are members of this church are invited to help administer it.  No donations are being solicited or will be accepted at the present time.

This site is temporary, and redirects to a subdomain of SocialTechnology.ca, but the GodlessHeaven.org and GodlessHeaven.com domain names will remain the same when a hosted site is donated.


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