Many people believe in a Heaven dominated by a paternalistic and authoritarian God.  Others reject the idea of this God, but feel still feel a yearning for a pleasant afterlife.  The Church of the Godless Heaven is for those who feel sure there must be such an afterlife, but cannot bring themselves to believe in a cruel and dictatorial God.

godlessheavenheaderWhat can we say of this Heaven?

  • Is Jesus in the Godless Heaven?  Yes, all people  are.  He will be surrounded by the people who acted with modest kindness as he wished.
  • Are people who have led a truly evil life in the Godless Heaven?  Yes, but for them it would not be heaven as we usually consider it.  It is an afterlife, not a place of endless pleasure.  The truly evil will spend all eternity surrounded by those who have reason to hate them.  This would be a kind of Hell.
  • Are atheists in this Heaven?  Yes, and if they were the kind of good person who attracted good friends, they will be happy.
  • Does prayer help people?   Perhaps.   If so, would be because enough people in Heaven want it to happen, not at the whim of some capricious God.
  • Will we find our beloved pets waiting for us in Heaven?  Yes, of course, or it wouldn’t be Heaven.

Many people need to believe in Heaven, but cannot accept the God of the Old Testament.  They may not know it consciously, but are still one of us.  If you know in your heart that you are a member of the Church of the Godless Heaven, there is no need to do anything.  No God will hold your neglect against you.  But we would appreciate your help.

More important than anything would be trying to publicize this Church.  We will not solicit donations until an administration of trusted volunteers is established.   Nor will we accept donations of any kind.

If you want to contribute in some way, help spread the word.  Using social media would certainly help, but if you have money and want to spend it on  a good cause, please take out a paid advertisement on our behalf.   We are not yet a registered religious or charitable organization, so there would be no tax advantage to doing so.  It would be best to contact us first.

Please comment on this page or any of our posts.  If your comment doesn’t make it past our rather aggressive spam filter, please contact us.   Because religious issues sometime lead people to post abusive remarks, all comments will be moderated and the moderator will note the contents of your comment.  Negative comments will nevertheless be approved if reasonably polite.

If you choose to register as a user of this website there will be no obligations of any kind.  All that will happen is that you be asked to confirm your subscription to our posts.   You may cancel that subscription of any kind.

We look forward to comments and messages from all interested people but most especially from anyone who might be willing to help organize or administer the church.  As noted here, no donations are being solicited or will be accepted at the present time.


This site is temporary, and redirects to a subdomain of SocialTechnology.ca, but the GodlessHeaven.org and GodlessHeaven.com domain names will remain the same after even though our limited resources of time and money limit maintenance of the website itself.Save

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